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About the Webinar... 

The vast majority of practitioners agree that transgender and gender diverse individuals deserve equal access to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) but just don't know enough about the needs of this community.

This is why we have created a detailed two-part webinar which takes you through the basics (from pronouns to respectful & inclusive language around anatomy) and the more complex (from the health needs of trans and gender diverse people to contraindications of various herbal and natural therapies in trans populations).

This will be a pre-recorded 2 part webinar followed by a live Q and A session!


What will you as a healthcare practitioner gain from this webinar?

  • More clients - the trans population isn't that small!

  • The knowledge to be able to create a safe practice where trans and gender diverse clients feel welcome. Trans people talk! There are a decent number of us and we are part of online support/community groups where we post if we have a really positive or a negative experience with a healthcare practitioner. This helps us to know whether or not a practitioner is safe.

  • The information provided will not only help you to create a safer more inclusive practice but will give you accurate information on the health needs of the trans and gender diverse population. We will provide valuable information on herbal and other complimentary therapies and where they may be contraindicated in trans populations.

  • Ways to identify misinformation versus scientifically accurate information on trans/gender diverse populations.

  • A recent Perth study found that among trans young people 60% felt isolated from health care services (medical and mental health services) and 42% had experiences with a practitioner who did not understand or respect their gender identity (Strauss et al., 2017).

  • This course aims to begin filling this gap in health care for trans and gender diverse people by educating CAM providers on trans inclusive health care and making more safe spaces for this at risk community. 

  • Learn more about the health conditions this group are more at risk for, how CAM can benefit this population and potential contraindications for natural medicines/interactions with gender affirming hormones.

  • You will get CPE points! 

    Strauss, P., Cook, A., Winter, S., Watson, V., Wright Toussaint, D., Lin, A. (2017). Trans Pathways: the mental health experiences and care pathways of trans young people. Summary of results. Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, Australia. 

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