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30 Day Gut Reset - An online interactive course to support digestive health! 

Wanting to support your digestive health and the colony of microbes which live in your gut but need some help?

Come and join a 30 day online program to begin restoring your digestive health and gut microbiome.

This includes:

  • A 30 minute online or in person consult with myself to provide individualised supplement recommendations.  

  • Weekly modules (topics include nutrition, environment, stress, prebiotics and probiotics)

  • Tasty recipes

  • A daily message with an actionable gut health tip for the day!

  • A prebiotic and probiotic guide

  • A Facebook support group to share experiences and ask questions

Sign up before July 31st to join the next program.   

Click            to book online now. Select either online or Loose Produce for your 30 minute one on one consult included in the program. 

Sign up with a friend for 50% off! 

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