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Individualised care…

As a naturopath, I am trained to look at your unique health picture and create an individualised health plan.

Unfortunately this model of individualised care is not easy to test in clinical trials due to the gold standard scientific method which typically involves a control group receiving a placebo supplement and the intervention group receiving an identical supplement at identical dosing. Whilst this approach does provide clinically valuable information, this one size fits all approach does not consider the unique circumstances which led to the development of the health condition.

A recent clinical trial utilising a naturopath approach for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) care divided patients into specific categories based on microbiome mapping and symptom picture. A variety of treatment plans were prescribed depending on the individuals microbiome analysis and involved probiotics, glutamine, digestive enzymes and curcumin. All subjects adopted a gluten and dairy free diet.

This clinical trial observed staggering results with average reduction in symptom points from 160 to 100.9 over 30 days! (Meydan et al., 2020).

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