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Food Marketing

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

ID: An apple painted blue with the "Smith's Original chips" logo

A recent study concluded that the there is almost zero correlation between food advertising claims and the nutritional value of food!

Did you know the term 'natural' on packaging is virtually meaningless? Trade practices state that food producers should not mislead or deceive customers, however misleading or deceiving consumers is entirely dependent on the consumers

expectations. i.e. the advertising/packaging should align with the consumers expectation of what is 'natural.'

ID: An apple painted blue with "Coca-Cola Zero" symbol.

This is a big issue due to Australian surveys showing that most consumers regard products such as canola oil, sugar and concentrated apple juice as 'natural' and 90% regard inulin as un-'natural.' Let's take a close look at these products…

The process of creating canola oil involves heating the seed, crushing the seed, extracting

ID: A red apple with the "kellogg's" symbol painted on.

the oil with solvents, following by filtering and deodorising. Steps such as deodorising are concerning due to the temperature used which is as high as 270 degrees C. However, the smoke point for canola oil is 204 degrees C and heating it beyond this increases the formation of trans-fats!

Apple juice has had all fibre removed and therefore is not dissimilar to high fructose corn syrup (implicated in fatty liver disease and increased diabetes risk).

Inulin is a prebiotic fibre, meaning it supports the growth of beneficial bugs in the gut! It may reduce risk of metabolic conditions such as diabetes.

So, start to look more critically at your food labels and make an informed decision of which products and companies you wish to support.

The following apps can help you easily navigate the supermarket shelves Chemical Maze, Food Additives and Healthy Living (EWG).

Above are a few images of an art series created during my fine art studies… The series was about advertising and the manipulation of nature by food corporations. It's always fun when your passions intersect ✨


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