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Did you know high blood pressure could be related to the gut microbiome?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Clinical trials show significant reductions in blood pressure in hypertensive patients with antibiotic therapy. However, due to the indiscriminate killing action of antibiotics (i.e. the eradication of both beneficial and detrimental microbes) this is not an ideal method of reducing blood pressure!

Cartoon of an alarmed figure checking their blood pressure.
ID: Cartoon of an alarmed figure checking their blood pressure.

Studies looking at how the gut microbiome alters blood pressure observed that gut bugs associated with detrimental effects (including proteobacteria) and a less diverse gut microbiome resulted in angiotensin II stimulation (a hormone which causes the narrowing of blood vessels). Microbes with anti-inflammatory effects (butyrate and acetate producing gut bugs) were depleted in these individuals.

Instead of indiscriminately wiping out gut bugs to reduce blood pressure, we could simply use dietary/lifestyle methods of restoring dysbiosis! These include…

🌱 Consuming a diet rich in plant foods

🌱 Ensuring diversity of plant foods

🌱 Eating the rainbow!

🌱 Limiting glyphosate/round up exposure (purchasing spray free from your local farmers market!)

🌱 Avoiding ingestion of antimicrobial compounds such as chlorine from drinking water (purchasing a water filter)

🌱 Reducing stress levels (stress hormones can encourage the growth of pathogenic gut bugs)

🌱 Incorporating gentle/moderate exercise into your day!


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