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What is a naturopath?


A qualified naturopath is a health practitioner who practices in a holistic way. This involves looking at each symptom as part of a greater picture in order to uncover the root cause. Practicing holistically also requires understanding the clients physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.


We utilise knowledge from the scientific community regarding human physiology and biochemistry alongside traditional wisdom passed down through generations. A key tenet of naturopathy is that the body has an innate ability to heal. As practitioners it is our job to provide the education and tools the body requires for this self-healing process.


What tools do we utilise?


Naturopaths use a variety of herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, lifestyle changes and dietary therapies to help you achieve your health goals.

We also use numerous testing tools to uncover the root cause of your health complaints. These might include common blood tests such as iron or more complex testing such as microbiome mapping.


What should I expect in my first appointment?

An initial consult involves a deep analysis of your presenting health complaint and the factors underlying this. This includes your health history, family history alongside lifestyle, dietary, psychological and environmental factors.


How are we different from conventional medicine?


Naturopathy is not a quick fix. It requires time and a commitment to lifestyle changes.


We empower the client by teaching you about the human body, respecting your intelligence and ability to employ change when given the right information.


Can we work alongside conventional medicine?

Yes! Naturopaths are trained to support your health while you work with conventional medicine practitioners. We can help to minimise side effects from drug therapies and are always cautious of drug-herb-nutrient interactions.

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