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What is health at every size (HAES)? 
HAES is an inclusive approach to health care which does not focus on weight as a marker of health. This approach focuses on developing healthy nutrition and behaviours with a goal of improving health/wellbeing which is not synonymous with weight loss. A health at every size approach is non discriminatory and aims to dispel myths (propagated by the multi-billion dollar diet industry) regarding body weight as reflective of worth, moral standing or laziness. 
Chronic dieting and body weight manipulation is a significant cause of metabolic dysfunction and rising body weight (Bacon & Aphramor, 2011). 

What does a HAES approach entail? 

  • Addressing ALL of your health complaints regardless of weight.
    The statistics are clear that larger folk receive sub-standard health care as ailments are more frequently attributed to weight without adequate symptom investigation. 

  • Not prescribing restrictive diets, or diets for the purpose of weight loss. 
    At Gut Logic a nutrition first approach is used to improve the nutrient density of the diet, support  a healthy gut microbiome, healthy mood, and overall well being. 



Bacon, L., & Aphramor, L. (2011). Weight science: Evaluating the evidence for a paradigm shift. In Nutrition Journal (Vol. 10, Issue 1, pp. 1–13). BioMed Central.

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