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My name is Sam                   . I am a qualified naturopath who is passionate about empowering others to better their health. 
I am a research driven practitioner, always updating my knowledge through scientific journals and seminars, whilst 
acknowledging to importance of lived experience (you are the expert in your own health!) and maintaining a holistic approach which has been utilised by naturopaths for centuries. I have experience in the scientific research field - click
HERE to read previous published journal articles. 

I utilise herbal, nutritional and lifestyle therapies and can safely work alongside your general practitioner/other health specialists. 

I practice with an awareness of how social/cultural, psychological and economic factors impact our health.
My office is a judgement free zone. Moralising health behaviours results in discrimination towards those who do not/cannot engage in these health behaviours. 

I am passionate about inclusivity and creating a safe healing space for all clients. This involves a health at every size (HAES)  approach, respect for cultural differences and awareness around supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. I sincerely apologise that my current clinic room within Centro Health is not wheelchair accessible (we do have telehealth options available). 

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